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  • Utah’s Simmental Breeders are proud of these things:  our wonderful families, our faiths, our State’s beautiful scenery, and our Elite Simmental Genetics;  a symbiotic relationship we truly treasure.
    We are a diverse group of Breeders offering both the seedstock and commercial cattle producers bulls and replacement females that will meet the industry’s needs and the needs of each cattle producer.  Whether it’s carcass performance, calving ease, terminal sires, or maternal powerhouse dams, our members have what you need.

    Every member is disciplined in a strict regimine of culling those animals that will not meet their customer’s needs or those of the industry.

    The Utah Simmental Junior Association gives its sincere THANKS to Shadow Mountain Simmental –
    Dan Taylor & Family, for their donation of the beautiful heifer below.

    Special Thanks to Warner Simmentals who bought this heifer and got to take her home.

    Dream On x Black Joker

    Dream On x Black Joker

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